With the onslaught of so many of the fastest growing companies in the industry ramping up their marketing campaigns and pushing hard for the new prospects to join, it can a bit chaotic in making the right choice when you have to consider is it the right product, the right compensation plan, the right leadership, the infrastructure, and the history of the company.

It really boils down to finding the right person that you’ll be excited to work with, but one who will be there to personally walk you through your first few months in the business. Not just give you a CD, or a pdf road map and tell you to go at it, but to take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. People who often wonder why multi-level marketing isn’t working for them, have likely also never joined the best MLM for them at the time or had great upline support and a team around them to get through the often frustrating first few month. Hence… the failure ratio…

When searching for the right MLM company, your goal is to do your research and find an MLM that’s not the best marketed, or the most talked about. Job one is to study which MLM could help you build LEGACY Income – income that will outlast your lifespan, and be a blessing to the family generations that follow, if you build it right the first time.

In my many years in the industry, I’ve seen that most search for the most eloquent speakers, or the top earners, or the company with the greatest “Social Club” effect, and join companies based on emotions instead of actual facts on how they will benefit in the long run.

Research… Research… Research…

Before you get caught up in the hype and rah rah of any one company you need to understand how these companies are marketed. Most network marketing companies have a video presentation either online or on DVD which is shared person to person. These videos are created by professional marketing companies and include a lot of hype and excitement. Many may make you feel that if you don’t join “NOW” you will be missing out on a lot of money. Don’t let the hype tempt you into joining a company that may not be right for you. Always remember you are looking for a long term business that will provide you with a residual income for the rest of your life. Whether you signup today or next month it should not make a difference.

If you want the efforts you put in today to pay off for many years in the future, choose a company that has proven that it will be around for the long term. 90% of all network marketing companies FAIL within their first 2 years. You don't want to invest your precious time and resources (not to mention your future) in something that may not be in business next month. Leveraging is the very best business model anywhere, and many are looking for the right opportunity, but don’t have the experience to make the right choice.

Bottom line? Don’t be a part of any company that continues to promote something where more than 80% of your downline is destined to fail, no matter what you do to help them. Every company is not for everyone.. Be Savvy, and start from the beginning to create the Legacy Income that you have dreamed of. And that starts with always choosing the correct vehicle from the start. See You At The Top!

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