With the onslaught of so many of the fastest growing companies in the industry ramping up their marketing campaigns and pushing hard for the new prospects to join, it can a bit chaotic in making the right choice when you have to consider is it the right product, the right compensation plan, the right leadership, the infrastructure, and the history of the company.

It really boils down to finding the right person that you’ll be excited to work with, but one who will be there to personally walk you through your first few months in the business. Not just give you a CD, or a pdf road map and tell you to go at it, but to take you by the hand and show you how it’s done. People who often wonder why multi-level marketing isn’t working for them, have likely also never joined the best MLM for them at the time or had great upline support and a team around them to get through the often frustrating first few month. Hence… the failure ratio…

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